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Test Drupal 8 default theme on Multiple Devices in Multiple Browsers

In this post, I will be sharing my experience of testing Drupal 8 default theme on various devices in multiple browsers. If ever a problem is encountered, I will report it in the issue queue. Bartik was tested on four different OS: Android, IOS, Windows and Ubuntu.

The first device I will be using is an HP Pavilion 15 Notebook PC on Ubuntu 16.04 in various browsers.

1. Google Chrome
Hp Pavilion Ubuntu 16.04 Google Chrome
Hp Pavilion Ubuntu 16.04 Google Chrome console
2. Mozilla Firefox
Hp Pavilion Ubuntu 16.04 Firefox
Hp Pavilion Ubuntu 16.04 Firefox console 
As you can observe, the console detected an error:

  • Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user’s experience. For more help  jquery.min.js:4:15202
I noticed that similar issue has already been reported. I added a screenshot in the comments.
Next, we will be testing the same HP Pavilion 15 Notebook PC but running on Windows 10.

1. Microsoft Edge
Hp Pavilion Windows 10 Microsoft Edge
Hp Pavilion Windows 10 Microsoft Edge console
2. Google Chrome
Hp Pavilion Windows 10 Google Chrome 
Hp Pavilion Windows 10 Google Chrome console

3. Mozilla Firefox
Hp Pavilion Windows 10 Firefox
Hp Pavilion Windows 10 Firefox console

Here again, Mozilla firefox met 4 issues:
  • Error in parsing value for ‘-webkit-text-size-adjust’.  Declaration dropped.  normalize.css:12:28
  • Unknown pseudo-class or pseudo-element ‘-webkit-inner-spin-button’.  Ruleset ignored due to bad selector.  normalize.css:346:22
  • Unknown pseudo-class or pseudo-element ‘-webkit-search-cancel-button’.  Ruleset ignored due to bad selector.  normalize.css:367:22
  • Unknown property ‘appearance’.  Declaration dropped.  reset-appearance.module.css:9:12

I did not find similar concerns in the issue queue. Hence, I reported the problem.
The second device I will be using is a Lenovo Ideapad 500 running on Windows 10.
1. Google Chrome

Lenovo Windows 10 Google Chrome
Lenovo Windows 10 Google Chrome console
2. Microsoft Edge
Lenovo Windows 10 Microsoft Edge
Lenovo Windows 10 Microsoft Edge console

3. Mozilla Firefox
Lenovo Windows 10 Firefox
Lenovo Windows 10 Firefox console

No apparent issues were found regarding its appearance: same colours, same fonts and same layout. The consoles confirmed the assumption.

The next two devices I will be making use of are TVs integrated with an Android Box.
1. Mibox3 with Google Chrome
Philips TV with Mibox3 Google Chrome
2. Mibox3 with Internet Browser
Philips TV with Mibox3 Internet Browser
3. MXQpro with default Browser
LG TV with MXQpro default Browser

After much observation, I found that the MiBox3 showed a different tone of blue. However, I do not consider this a real issue as the display depends on the TV.

Coming to smartphones, I will be testing a Samsung Galaxy S5 first.
1. Firefox
Samsung Galaxy S5 Android with Firefox
2. Google Chrome
Samsung Galaxy S5 Android with Google Chrome
3. Internet Browser
Samsung Galaxy S5 Android Internet browser
4. Opera Mini
Samsung Galaxy S5 Android with Opera Mini
5. Dolphin Browser
Samsung Galaxy S5 Android with Dolphin

Samsung Galaxy S5 showed no errors at all. Now, I will be using an iPhone 6s to test Bartik.
1. Google Chrome

Iphone 6s  IOS with Google Chrome
2. Safari
Iphone 6s  IOS with Safari
No visible errors were found in the Iphone 6s. The last smartphone to be tested is an HTC Desire 526G on 2 different browsers:

1. Default Internet Browser
HTC Desire 526G  Android with Internet Browser
2. Google Chrome

HTC Desire 526G  Android with Google Chrome

Aesthetic-wise, I did not find any variation in the colours or fonts. After a tedious and a complete investigation, none of the smartphones seemed to have an issue with Bartik.

The last device i will be making use of is the Samsung Galaxy Tab A on 2 broswers:

1. Google Chrome

Samsung Galaxy Tab A Google Chrome
 2. Internet Browser
Samsung Galaxy Tab A Internet Browser

Bartik appear to perform well on the Samsung Galaxy Tab A too.
Except the errors seen in Mozilla Firefox, Bartik theme worked perfectly on the other devices. Thank you for reading my blog! 😊


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